Eingeladene Vorträge auf Konferenzen und Workshops

Polarized Total Photonabsorption Cross Sections

Workshop Chiral Dynamics, Bonn, 8.-13.9.2003

Published in Chiral Dynamics 2003

Mesonproduction and Experimental Sudies of the Excitation Spectrum

of the Nucleon

Fourth International Conference on


Triest, 11.5.-16.5.2003

Published in:

European Physical Journal A19, 2004, 257

Photoproduction of Mesons on the Nucleon

Quarks in Hadrons and Nuclei

Erice, 16.-24.9.2002

Published in: Progr. in Part. and Nucl.Phys.,50(2), 2003, 523


Workshop on the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn Sum Rule and the Spin Structure of the


Genua, 3.-6.7.2002

Published in: World Scientific, GDH2002, 2003,409

Summary Talk

Meson`96, Krakau, 14.5.96

Recent Results with ELSA

Baryons`95, Santa-Fe,N.M., USA, 3.10.95

Physics with GeV-Electrons 8th

Nordic meeting on nuclear physics

Ronneby-Brunn, Schweden, 9.6.95

Experimente zur Struktur des Nuklkeons

Arbeitstreffen Kern-und Teilchenphysik, Pirna, 4.10.94

Coherent Production of Mesons

International workshop on Mesons and Baryons in Hadronic Matter, Trento, Italien,

14.2. 94

Summary Talk

Photonuclear Gordon Conference, Tilton, N.H., USA, 5.8.94

Investigation of nucleon resonances with ELSA

APS-SpringMeeting, Crystal-City, VA, USA, 18.4.94

Electrodisintegration of the Deuteron

European Conference on Few Body Problems in Physics, Amsterdam,


Nucleon Resonances: Experiments

Workshop on Electron Nucleus Scattering, Marciana Marina, Elba, 5.7.93

η-Production by Photons and Electrons

Conference on Meson-Nucleus Interactions, Krakau, 14.5.93

Present Electron and Photon Scattering Experiments up to GeV Energies

32. Universitätswochen Schladming, 24.2.-5.3.93

π and η - Production by Photons and Electrons

Workshop on Particle Production near Threshold, Uppsala, Schweden, 26.8.92

Summary Talk

Workshop on Photoinduced Reactions on the Nucleon, Brookhaven National

Laboratory, Upton, N.Y., 28.5.92

Photoproduction of pions with photons and electrons on the nucleon

IV. International Symposion on Pion-Nucleon Physics and the structure of the

nucleon, Bad Honnef, 9.9.91

Coherent meson production with photons and electrons on nuclei

IV. Oberjoch meeting of pion nuclear physics, Oberjoch, 2.6.91

Threshold Photoproduction and photon scattering

EPS-conference on Hadronic Structure and Electroweak

Interactions, Amsterdam,5.8.91

Photonuclear Experiments with MAMI A

Workshop on Photonuclear Reactions using Continuous Electron

Beams, Sendai, Japan, 25.2. 90

Photoproduction of Pions

Workshop, Aussois, Frankreich, 8.3.90

Experimente mit energiemarkierten Photonen im Bereich

der Pionproduktionsschwelle

Plenarvortrag, Frühjahrstagung, Physikalische Gesellschaft, 13.3.90

Photoproduction of Pions

Gordon Research Conference on Photonuclear Reactions, Tilton, N.H., USA,


Recent Results with Photoninduced Knock-out Reactions

6th Miniconference: Electron scattering: Past and Future, Amsterdam, 17.11. 89

The (γ,np)-reaction: results and prospects

Topical Workshop on Two-Nucleon Emission Reactions

Elba, Italien, 23.9.1989

Summary Talk

Workshop on Nuclear Physics with Real Photons below Pion Threshold

Gent, Belgien, 26.5.1989

Neutrale Pionproduktion an der Schwelle

Expertentreffen Kernphysik, Schleching, 2.2.1988

Recent Results with MAMI A

Workshop: Electron Nucleus Scattering, Marciana Marina, Elba, 7.6.1988

New Physics with D.C.-Electron Beams7th

EPS General Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 10.8.1987

Experimental Program with MAMI

Workshop on Particles and Nuclei, Heidelberg,26.5.1987

The Photodesintegration of

6Li in a neutron –proton pair and a α-particle

3d Workshop on Perspectives in Nuclear Physics at Intermediate

Energy, Triest, Italien, 18.5.1987

MAMI und sein experimentelles Programm

Treffen Mittelenergiephysik, Heiligenstadt, 6.10. 86

Latest from Mainz and future developments 2nd

Workshop on Perspectives in Nuclear Physics at Intermediate Energy, Triest,


The MAMI-Project

ELSA-Workshop, Bad Honnef, 29.10.1984

Photonuclear Reactions

Conference on Nuclear Structure Physics, Bradford, England, 13.4.1984

Experiments with MAMI

Workshop on the Future of Medium Energy Physics, Freiburg, 11.2.1984

Photoproduction of π-Mesons

Workshop on Perspectives in Nuclear Physics at Intermediate

Energies, Triest, Italien, 10.1983

Quasideuteron Approach in (γ,p) and (γ,n)- Reactions

International school of Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics, San Miniato, Italien,


Photoreactions on nuclei below the resonance region

Seminar at Departimente Di Fisica Nucleare e Teorica

Pavia, Italien, 5, 1983

Photoreaktionen zwischen Riesenresonanz und Pionenschwelle

Expertentreffen Kernphysik, Schleching, 3. 1983

Photoproduction to Discrete States of the Residual Nucleus

Workshop of photo- and electroproduction of pions, Mainz, 1.11.1982

Photoreactions in the intermediate energy region

Laboratorium voor Kernphfysica, Gent, Belgien, 10. 6. 1982

Results from recent experiments with the LINAC and plans for future

experiments with MAMI

Universita di Genova, Italien, 21. 4. 1982

Recent Photonuclear Experiments from Mainz

Photonuclear Gordon Conference, Laconia N.H. USA, 8. 1982

Photoreactions in the Intermediate Energy Region

Miniconference: The study of few Body Systems

with Electromagneric Probes, Amsterdam, 19.11.1981

Quasideuteron effects at intermediate energies

V. Seminar on Electromagnetic Interactions in Nuclei, Moskau, UdSSR, 16.6.1981

Quasideuteron effects at intermediate energies

Workshop: From cllective states to quarks in nuclei, Bologna, Italien, 27.11.1981

(γ,p) and (γ,n)-reactions

Symposium: Prospects for new facilities on intermediate energy electron machines,

Saclay, Frankreich, 1.10.1980

The importance of 100% dyty cycle accelerators: The Physics Program

International School of Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics, Ariccia(Rom),


Electromagnetic coincidence experiments with c.w. accelerators

Symposion: Nuclear Physics with Electron Accelerators, Mainz, 25.5.1978

Sum Rules in Electropionproduction

Bates Midwinter Workshop in Osgood Hill, North Andover, Ma., USA, 7.1.1977