ELSA - Elektronen Stretcher Anlage, Physikalisches Institut, Universität Bonn

Research and Development

One of the main emphases of the research activities at ELSA is the generation and acceleration of a beam of polarized electrons, which in addition is subject matter of a partial project of the collaborative research centre SFB/TR 16. It comprises, besides the further development of a dedicated source of polarized electrons which is based on the photoemission out of strained layer superlattice GaAs-like crystals, the application of a sophisticated scheme for the correction of depolarizing resonances during post-acceleration in the stretcher ring. In order to allow for a quick examination of the effectiveness of the applied corrections, a polarimeter based on Compton backscattering of circularly polarized laser photons off the stored electron beam was developed and is currently being set up.

In addition, a design study on the feasibility of an energy upgrade up to 5 GeV is being worked out. Part of the research program at Bonn focuses on the acceleration and storage of high beam currents in circular accelerators. Research studies on a significant increase of the internal current of the ELSA stretcher ring represent an integral part of the continuation of the accelerator physics research within the SFB/TR 16 and comprise, besides the investigation of the causes of collective beam instabilities, the development of dedicated beam diagnostics and the construction of sophisticated feed-back systems in order to actively damp these instabilities. Part of these investigations are carried out within the Bonn contribution to the accelerator research program of the Helmholtz Alliance Physics at the Terascale, which was established at DESY in 2007.

In detail, the current accelerator physics research activities at ELSA are the following:

*Polarized Electrons:

*Slow Beam Extraction:

*Beam Diagnostics:

*Acceleration and Storage of high Beam Currents:


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